A few words about who we are

Capital is a financial planning firm unlike any other. We like it that way.

We are truly a boutique business and provide a unique service focused on resolving the financial challenges faced by busy entrepreneurs and professionals in the media, tech and creative sectors. Let us do your heavy lifting so that you can get on with doing what you love to do.

Our purpose is to make a positive difference, one family at a time. This is what inspires us, what gets us out of bed in the morning and provides the focus that energises and drives our people and our business. It is the soul of our business and it shapes our culture.

We operate in the world of facts, truth, evidence, and science – not superstition when it comes to caring for your wealth. That’s why we have crafted an award-winning planning and advice service. One that will provide you with the clarity and understanding you desire and that gives you the reassurance that all your important financial issues are being fully taken care of by a team you trust. We offer three service levels at three flat fees, it’s as simple as that. No hidden costs, no confusing percentages to calculate and no commissions to muddy the waters.

Almost the entire team have left huge impersonal organisations in order to join Capital and do what they love, which is to personally help people like you. Our staff turnover is almost non-existent, so you can count on your financial adviser to be there with you every step of the way.

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  • Sarah Watts Associate

    Sarah Watts


    I bet you are wondering exactly what an associate is and once you know I have a degree in psychology – how on earth I ended up being one!

    Well, I left university newly married and in student debt without a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I walked into a job agency and a large high street bank were recruiting graduates for their stockbroking arm – hence I fell into financial services.

    I quickly realised that although the financial services sector is highly technical – and there is no end to how much you can learn – it all boils down to people at the end of the day.

    My personal mission is to help everyone I encounter be the best version of themselves that they can be, including clients, colleagues and myself. This doesn’t necessarily mean filling every second of every day with loads of ‘stuff’. Sometimes it means just being fully present in the moment and allowing yourself to remain in touch with your intuition.

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  • Alan Smith CEO

    Alan Smith


    I started Capital in 2004 with a clear vision to do things differently. I wanted to challenge conventional thinking in financial services that seemed to be all about selling expensive and baffling financial products to the public to generate large commissions – but which never seemed to solve the ‘real life’ issues faced by clients.

    So I wanted to build an independent, boutique business with a client-focused culture where we took time to get to know our clients, really listened to them, understood them and built a life time relationship as their ‘trusted adviser’.

    Several years down the line, I am very proud of what we have built, and the lovely things our clients tell us about the positive impact we have had on their lives. Nowadays, I spend a lot of my time helping entrepreneurs and business leaders clarify their personal vision and then working as part of their team to make great things happen.

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  • Elliot Smith Associate

    Elliot Smith


    I’ve moved around the world a fair amount and this has forced me to be adaptable. For me adaptability has meant taking people as they come and hearing their perspective. Caring about their perspective has meant understanding their motivators and goals. I’ve been interested in financial planning since I saw the human impact of the financial crisis whilst studying economics.

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  • Chirine Harb Head of Operations

    Chirine Harb

    Head of Operations

    I was born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I moved to Boston (USA) after secondary school and studied design and architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and then at MIT. I worked in that field in the Middle East for several years after I graduated.

    Never in a million years did I think that I would end up with a career in the financial services, but I truly believed that to keep developing you need to step outside your comfort zone, so in 2003 I made a drastic decision to change my career and move to London. It is the financial hub of the world, so why not?

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  • Laura Williams Administrator

    Laura Williams


    I grew up in a small town in the South Wales valleys, which was a world away from the hustle and bustle of London. Since turning 18, I have lived in four big cities, so I think I can handle the city life – even if I still struggle to avoid bumping into at least five people on my walk to work during rush hour.

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  • Ashley Hingston Client Services Administrator

    Ashley Hingston

    Client Services Administrator

    I joined the Capital team in September 2017, embarking on an exciting new adventure and relocating to London. Still being relatively new to city life, having now been here for a few months, I can see I am going to fit right in.

    From an early age I have always been interested in financial services. I can remember sitting in on meetings my parents had with their financial adviser at our home. I must admit though, I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, but I was intrigued to say the least. This curiosity lead me to take economics at college which I continued to study at university. I really enjoyed the variety and continually learning new ideas within the broader subject.

    After a long three years studying at university, I decided I wanted to explore more of the world, so I took the plunge and went to South East Asia for three months. I traveled across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. I enjoyed many highs such as trekking with elephants in Thailand and preparing and eating food with the locals in Vietnam. But missing my connecting bus in Singapore trying to get some bargain brandy through customs for my dad was definitely not a highlight!

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  • Chelsey Southern Marketing Executive

    Chelsey Southern

    Marketing Executive

    Since joining Capital in December 2016, as the firm’s first-ever full-time Marketing Executive, it has been all-hands-on-deck, crazy, busy, exciting and challenging start to entering the wonderful world of financial planning in the heart of the city.

    Creativity has always been my flair ever since I was a little girl. My school teachers always described me as ‘imaginative’ and ‘very creative’, so it was no shock to anyone when I moved into a more creative direction with my education and career. I was never cut out to be a data administrator – the thought of spending hours on excel spreadsheets gives me the shivers.

    Growing up as a Gen Y, I’ve been inseparable from the likes of an iPhone and all things ‘social media’ since entering my teens, including the excessive desire to Instagram every life moment. Consequently, I have been bombarded by marketing and advertising since before I can remember. Marketing seemed like the perfect career path for me.

    Joining the company coincided with Capital’s latest thought-leadership campaign to challenge some aspects of financial services in the UK. Never a dull moment and even though I’m straight in at the deep end, this is what a marketing career is all about.

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  • Don Fraser Director

    Don Fraser


    I was told by someone I trusted that I had the personal attributes to do well, so I jumped in. That was in 1979 and I’m still here enjoying every day. The reward for helping interesting clients has a deep and meaningful impact on me, and is a totally worthwhile way for me to invest my skills, energy and passion. What else could be as good as this?

    I have a personal mission to help people to ‘bring meaning to money’, because as Spike Milligan said “Money can’t buy you friends, but you do get a better class of enemy”. I believe that a personal sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment can be of far greater benefit in life than a slightly larger bank balance or another shiny new toy.

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  • Graham McCulley Director

    Graham McCulley


    I am a rare member of the advice community in that I actually set out on purpose to be a financial consultant after graduating. However, after working for large organisations I realised the industry was one of sales and not consultancy. After several years I left the sales behind, to follow my goal of providing one to one client centred advice.

    I love to find out exactly what clients wish to do with their lives and why, and then work to ensure the financials stack up to make those aspirations happen. I take care of the technical aspects of finance and build in plenty of flexibility…. because life has a way of throwing unknowns at you.

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  • Fiona Price Associate

    Fiona Price


    I believe that rather than being the root of all evil, money can be the source of all joy and contentment. The trick is making it work for you, rather than being its slave. Knowing what you want is a good place to start and proper planning can be a valuable tool to helping you discover your true values and goals.

    Lifting the bonnet on complex circumstances and doing the leg work, research and investigation on your behalf is what I enjoy most. Understanding how things work and why, whether that be an aeroplane or an old company pension scheme, means I can use my natural curiosity to demystify some of life’s complexities.

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  • Charles Riches Director

    Charles Riches


    I am passionate about helping clients to balance the competing and often complex pressures of their finances with the vision, goals and aspirations that they have for themselves and their families.

    This core discipline enables families to make informed choices about the decisions they face whilst managing risk effectively and using their capital and income creatively to maintain a simple yet effective plan which works for them. In essence, making the complex simple.

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  • James Greenly Consultant

    James Greenly


    Rather unusually, I began my career in financial services aged just 16, working as an administrator for a small IFA based in my hometown of Norwich. I’m pleased to say that 11 years later and I’m still here (despite perfectly timing my first year in the profession with the global banking crisis)!

    I remember watching clients enter the office full of concern and worry and leave an hour later smiling and relaxed – I realised very early on the value of true financial planning.

    I studied hard and got qualified as an adviser in my early 20’s. A few years later I was awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, the gold standard in the profession.

    I eventually relocated to London and joined Capital in 2015. My role primarily involves looking after the financial lives of around 50 or so clients.  I also sit on the Investment Committee, which oversees the management of £300m in our Intelligent Investing model portfolios.

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