Your 3-Step Onboarding Journey

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Your 3-Step Onboarding Journey

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So, you’re thinking of partnering with Capital?  Firstly, that’s great news.  Secondly, to find out more about what the next few weeks could look like, keep reading. This post will explore the three stages in your onboarding journey with us.


The first step is a phone conversation or a face-to-face Coffee Meeting with one of our experienced Chartered Financial Planners, where Capital can:

  • Get a clear idea of your circumstances and what you’re looking for, and
  • Identify how we can help you

Capital tries hard to identify those individuals and families whom we think could benefit the most from our skills and our passion for success. But if, after our meeting, you feel we’re not the right fit for you, we at least promise to leave you better informed than you were before.

If suitable, you’d then book your Discovery Meeting. This meeting tends to be in the Capital “comfy lounge” (rather than a more formal meeting room) and if you have a life partner, please bring them along as well. If it’s more convenient for you, the meeting can also be held at your home.

These meetings are friendly, relaxed and completely confidential. The aim is to have no external interruptions.

The focus of the discovery meeting is to get a full appreciation of:

  • Your values and what’s important to you
  • Your personal family and life goals
  • Your financial circumstances

This order is deliberate, as Capital believes that until we really know you, we haven’t earned the right to talk about your money. If you agree, we’d like to have an open discussion with you about the following topics:

  • What does money mean to you?
  • What was money like growing up?
  • Who are the important people in your life, and why?
  • Tell us about your hobbies, an ideal weekend and your perfect holiday.
  • How much does it cost to fund your current lifestyle?
  • Do you know how you want to be remembered and do you want to leave a legacy?

It is common for people to comment that the Discovery Meeting feels like therapy and that it was much more fun than expected. 

Please bring your relevant statements and paperwork. If you’re a very organized person, with an array of spreadsheets to help plan your life, by all means bring those too. To comply with regulatory anti-Money Laundering regulations, please bring your passport and latest Council Tax bill.

After the meeting, you will be sent an email link to a short risk-tolerance questionnaire from FinaMetrica. The outcomes are discussed and explored further at our next meeting.   


You are invited back for your Blueprint Meeting within a few weeks. This allows Capital some time to consider your information and to think about how we can help you best. 

As the name suggests, the purpose of the Blueprint meeting is for Capital to present you with a draft plan and a set of proposals. This includes your present situation, your goals for the future and how you want to achieve them.

The Blueprint meeting is a form of test drive for you. The opportunity to get a good feel for what is on offer and a chance to ‘kick the tyres’.

More specifically, the meeting incorporates:

  • A financial roadmap for your future, called FutureMap
    • The roadmap is specific about time and money
    • It’s flexible and adaptable
  • An academically proven, low-cost investment process, called Intelligent Investing
  • An expert team of trusted financial life planners to guide and coach you
  • Clear and fair fees


At the conclusion of the Blueprint meeting, once all your questions have been answered, you will be invited to become a client of Capital on the mutually agreed service level.

If, for any reason, you decide not to go ahead, then relax: there will be absolutely no charge for any of the meetings held or work done.

On the basis that you want to continue, you will be given a Doing Business Together brochure and your electronic Client Service Contract which can be digitally signed on a smartphone.

Various Letters of Authority will be ready to sign. These enable Capital to contact your existing investment managers and pension companies to data-mine the charges, performance and flexibility of the investment structures. The small print can be very important. 

Most families benefit by consolidating their assets and investments. This helps to build a streamlined and consistent investment strategy. When this is the case, Capital produces an advice report setting out the reasoning behind consolidating the pensions and investments and/or topping some up, along with the pros and cons. 

Capital’s first priority is to settle these factors within your Lifetime Financial Plan to your maximum benefit, while paying the closest attention to all relevant regulations.

There tends to be a fair amount of paperwork to sign to make the transfers or changes happen. This is followed by a fallow period when the investment and pension companies liaise with Capital to move your assets. 

As this process continues you’ll be regularly updated, but don’t worry. The Capital team will do the hard work on your behalf.

The end of the onboarding process is marked by your Welcome Meeting – often several weeks after we first meet. The purpose here is to:

  • Confirm the actions taken
  • Track every movement of money
  • Review the progress made
  • Map out the next 12 months
  • Go out for lunch together

You then settle into a comfortable relationship with Capital. The first year will often see quite a lot of activity, and it’s perfectly normal for you to have questions.

Thereafter you have an annual meeting with your financial-planning team to update your goals and check you are still on track to live the life you want. 

We hope this brief guide has whetted your appetite to begin the Capital onboarding journey. If you would like to speak to one of our experienced financial planners about starting your journey, please click here to contact us.

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