New year, new bucket list

New year, new bucket list

January is the time of year when people rack their brains to come up with their personal New Year’s resolutions. According to a survey by BUPA, this popular annual ritual leaves most participants no better off than when the year started. The survey showed that in the UK, a third of people committed to a New Year’s resolution, of which a total 66% failed, and a depressing 43% didn’t make it past the first month. Not great outcomes.

Most New Year’s resolutions are vague, uninspiring, unmeasurable and, most importantly, can’t be crossed off a list – such as eating less junk food or being less disorganised – leaving many of us feeling rather demotivated before the year has even properly begun.

So, Capital want to introduce you to the idea of a New Year’s bucket list, a list of things to start doing as opposed to a list of things to stop doing.

We all have ambitions and dreams of what we want to do in our lives, however big or small, from climbing Machu Picchu, visiting the Great Wall of China, to running a marathon, or finally reading that special book. As Financial Planners, we know as well as anyone that the only thing stopping these dreams from being a reality is you, and a public commitment that is openly shared. So why not create your 2020 bucket list and start making things happen?

Your list doesn’t have to be extensive. Aim for around ten items, with a mixture of big and small goals to tick off throughout the year, which will leave you feeling satisfied rather than adrift.
Here is an example list:

1. Visit my sister, who I haven’t seen for three years, in Dubai in April when it’s cooler.
2. Read the following five classic novels before Christmas: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, etc.
3. Take my wife to Berlin for a surprise weekend in June.
4. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef when we visit in November.
5. Do a half marathon before June to fundraise for charity.

The key to making this work and really making a difference to 2020 is to choose things that you are truly passionate about – things that excite you. Your Capital Financial Planner can help you plan for any big expenses or any regular financial commitments, and having a chat with them before setting your goals can help ensure that they are achievable and won’t have a negative impact on your long-term finances.

At Capital, our aim is to help each client to live life to the fullest and make the most of every year. So, whatever your 2018 bucket list includes, we truly wish you the best and happiest year yet. The new year introduces a new chapter in your life, so why not make it an interesting one?

We would love to hear some of your bucket list goals, so please feel free to contact your financial planner to discuss them or drop us an email with your bucket list.

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