Meet Emmanuel Chuku – Office Assistant

Meet Emmanuel Chuku – Office Assistant

I’m a people person. Wanting to know their drives and the goals, and how I can help to make a difference in their lives.

My two hardworking parents instilled what it means to give and not to expect something in return. It’s the right thing to do.

I studied economics because it is the subject people turn to for answers to global issues such as war, famine, and a financial crisis. I wanted to learn the fundamentals.

It can be daunting picking a career. Most people don’t know which path to take. I wanted to have a career matching my skill-set and that I would enjoy doing. I’m going to be working for the majority of my life so might as well enjoy it.

A skill I have is the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and understand their story. A career combining this skill with my degree was my goal. It’s difficult to find a career in economics which isn’t staring at numbers.

I got two internships after my final year – one in financial services and another in energy. The end result? Financial services is where I’m meant to be as it has the analysis and the emotional aspect.

I joined Capital in February 2019, and I have cherished it from the start.

For me, it’s not about targets or personal achievements, but about putting people first and that’s something Capital highlights. The client comes first.

My end goal is to be a chartered financial planner, and I will get there. When I have an aim, the self-motivation is there to push me towards that goal regardless of any obstacles in my way. An example of this was when one of my teachers in sixth form told me I wouldn’t even get an offer to study economics. Three years later I was carrying my economics degree in my hand. Life is funny isn’t it?

Football has been a passion from a young age, playing at academy level and later on at university captaining a varsity-winning side in my final year. Board games like chess and reading books entertain my mind, mainly because it is good to step away from a screen. That doesn’t mean I dislike TV because I can binge a box set in a day if I have the time.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I know that by working at Capital and the belief they have in me and my potential, I will be able to take the next steps of my young career.

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