Meet Elliot Smith

Meet Elliot Smith

I’ve moved around the world a fair amount and this has forced me to be adaptable. For me adaptability has meant taking people as they come and hearing their perspective. Caring about their perspective has meant understanding their motivators and goals. I’ve been interested in financial planning since I saw the human impact of the financial crisis whilst studying economics. Combining these interests and inclinations I chose to study international studies with economics at Boston College.

In 2015 I moved back to Edinburgh after studying and working in Boston, Massachusetts. Attempting to apply my university degree I took a job with Standard Life, a pension provider. My favourite part of my role was discussing the motivations behind people’s actions and thinking about different routes they could take to achieve their financial goals with their financial adviser. Although I enjoyed my time I felt it was best for a new challenge that would allow me to be more “hands-on” and make a difference in peoples’ lives. During this time, I completed the Regulated Diploma in Financial Planning.

Moving jobs felt like a natural change, whilst Edinburgh is a charming city, it does not compare to the dynamism that London offers. Before receiving a suitable offer, I decided to hand in my notice and start looking for a London-based role that I would find more fulfilling. Given my inclination for client interaction and interest in helping people achieve their goals, a financial planning firm felt like a natural landing spot. Thankfully, my colleagues at Capital thought so too, and after a few short weeks I’ve started on my journey with Capital.

I particularly enjoy hearing the motivations and hopes of our clients. Adapting our skills and knowledge to the client’s situation. My role as an associate involves taking a deep dive into the client’s affairs and arrangements to provide a full picture of their circumstances so we can better plan for their future. Having an opportunity to help provide security, build confidence and enable clients to lead the life they want is a very satisfying endeavour.

Outside of work I am quite active. I’m an enthusiastic but untalented footballer, an inflexible yogi and a clumsy piano player, but importantly I like getting involved. As a recent transplant to London I am trying to explore the area around my home in South London and checking out the numerous pubs, restaurants and cultural spots in the area.

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