Fiona Price

Fiona Price

I’ve always had a massive desire for learning. At primary school, the teachers sometimes gave the younger ones a choice in the afternoon to go and play in the Wendy house or alternatively you could do some maths cards. I always chose maths cards.

I loved my undergraduate degree studying Earth and Space Science at University College London as well as my Masters at Bristol University in Earth System Science. If I could do the same again I would, however, I found it far too difficult to choose one tiny corner of Earth Science to concentrate on – perhaps if I just saw where life would take me naturally I’d find a path that appealed most.

Getting into finance from a science background was perhaps an accident but I don’t see anything wrong with that. I’m happy to follow the ebb and flow of life and see where things take me. All it means now is there is another arena that has been opened up for learning. I have a keen interest in film and the craft of storytelling. Working as an associate at Capital provides the opportunity to combine many pleasures – learning other people’s life stories – where they’ve been, where they’re going, developing technical knowledge, analysing data and conducting research and finding a way to bring order to chaos much like science.

As well as science, film and finance I’m also a music lover. Having a mix of influences – the British 50’s and 60’s music scene from my dad, Motown and reggae from my mum as well as classical from learning the clarinet and piano at a young age – I’m as happy with Radiohead and Sam Smith as I am with Bach and Rachmaninov. An absolute highlight for me was hearing the Peterborough Orchestra play Holst’s Jupiter from The Planets Suite in Peterborough Cathedral as a mere grade 2 clarinet player. I’d completed my short set with our local junior concert band but hearing that magical sound fill such a wonderful space gave me a new appreciation for live music.

Everyone should have at least one sport of choice – I’m sure I could have chosen one and been fairly good at it (maybe netball, athletics or ju jitsu) but dance is really the thing that calls to me most. Unfortunately, there are not many outlets for continuing dance as an adult – not past pure exercise anyway, but I’ll always remember the times performing at some wonderful venues- The Palladium, The Royal Albert Hall and the Theatre Royal Drury Lane as well as being in the dance society at university. Who knows one day I may realise my dream of forming a show orchestra. Watch this space.

Sometimes I feel that if I had just concentrated more, then I could have been really good at one thing. Rather than finding a path to follow, more and more paths seem to be branching out (you’ll have to speak to me about how the flying lessons went)! Maybe one day I’ll find my niche but for now hopefully I’ve still got plenty of time – perhaps I haven’t even started on the thing I will come to specialise in the most.

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