A fresh approach to fees

A fresh approach to fees

The interests of our clients are at the heart of all we do, without conflict or compromise. As a direct result, Capital have adopted a position of total fee clarity and this makes us different to the majority of financial services firms in the UK. We have made a deliberate choice to think and act differently from other advisory firms and are on a mission to change the face of financial services. To stand out from the crowd, and tell the truth about the cost of advice clearly and in an easy to understand manner.

The service and fee models have been designed to provide clarity and confidence when considering the appointment of a professional financial planner.

Our fee structure is based on a simple, flat annual retainer which is designed to meet your requirements and is aligned to the complexity of your situation and the amount of work involved. This differs from alternative fee models which link the charge to a percentage of your wealth. We believe that this percentage model is flawed and can prove to be very expensive over time.

The three services that Capital offer are clearly documented and detailed:

Portfolio Management

Our light-touch service, designed for those who are either building up their wealth or who have retired and simplified their financial affairs. Portfolio Management has a monthly fee of £500.

Wealth Management

Our core service, designed for clients with more complex affairs who are beginning to face key life decisions, looking for personal and professional guidance about their goals and who may need their existing assets realigned into a comprehensive lifestyle financial plan.

This is our most popular service and has a monthly fee of £1,167.


Our all-inclusive, by invitation service, designed for wealthier clients who may have complex financial affairs involving their wider family, trusts, philanthropy and interests in more than one country. Those wanting to delegate their affairs to a proactive, trusted family adviser, available any time. Choice™ has a monthly fee starting from £2,084.

If you would like to know more about the three services we offer, please contact us on 020 7398 6600 or email sophie@capital.co.uk. To learn more about the benefits of a simple, flat fee model, download our fee guide here.

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