Crisis, what crisis?

Crisis, what crisis?

As the current ‘crisis du jour’ namely the ongoing Greek tragedy is played out so vividly in front of our eyes, (hopefully you received our recent note on the subject – if not, click this link), the usual deluge of doom and gloom stories pour forth from the national press, TV stations and online ‘experts’ screaming at investors to sell their investment holdings and that ‘this time its different’!

I was pleased therefore to recently come across a short video link which shows very clearly and simply how investment markets have performed over the years – despite numerous crises, many far more significant in global and financial terms that the current goings-on in Europe.

I encourage you to take a few moments to look at the video and remind yourself of the old adage “ Stock markets always climb a wall of worry”

Here is the link – watch to the end for a fantastic quote from Warren Buffett – enjoy!

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