Charles Riches – Director

Charles Riches – Director

How it all started…

After university I was looking for an interesting graduate training programme and the one that I found with Friends Provident led to the beginning of my career in financial services. I joined Capital in may 2006.

Enjoying my downtime

Rugby Union primarily.

Those closest to me

My wife, Chelsea and our two boys, Harry and Alex..

And then…

Visit the Pitcairn Island where the islanders are decedents of the Bounty mutineers and have Cornish accents. I’d like to see (hear) that.

Table for two

My great grandfather, Robert Donald – I never knew him, he was an early pioneer of flight, served in the Royal Flying Corps and founded Inverness airport. An interesting guy.

Tick off the list

Next on the list would be to organise my travel plans for 2018 because I am taking a few weeks “sabbatical” with the family when I turn 40.

On the big screen

Any of the Star Wars films, I can relive my youth whilst watching the joy and excitement it brings to my boys.

A good read

Anything by Bernard Cornwall OBE (the Sharpe novels) – escapism.

There’s no better place

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong with my wife and two sons.

What makes me laugh

Absurdity. A teammate drank a pint of beer from one of the spectators in the middle of a rugby match – I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the game.

And when I’m at the top of my game

Presenting a financial plan to a new client for the first time.

Oh, and by the way…

Charles is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner and has been appointed a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.


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