Capturing your potential

Capturing your potential

The hidden value of the sell side of your corporate finance business

Several smart M&A firms are considering ways to increase the leverage on their successful sales, with a view to generating enhanced revenue.

At the same time, they are helping to provide a valuable service to their clients – the owners of the businesses.

Getting a business sale over the line is a time for celebration for the owners and their families. The same goes for you and your team who have spent months or years on the transaction.

That’s the nature of corporate finance and business deals – they are binary. This results in peaks and troughs of emotion for all concerned. If the success rate was 100% and it was easy, anybody could do it.

Selling a client’s business is a challenge full of emotion and pure hard work. It takes time, and time is money. The fail rate needs factoring into the success rate.

Your work ends at the completion of the deal, and you move on to another business exit. This isn’t the case for your former clients and their family because their new life is beginning.

Capital Asset Management steps into the gap.

Because your client has exited and sold their ‘baby’ they will face some issues that are new to them. The significant cash windfall (with contingent inheritance tax), the need to replace income, the void of missing the workplace, family issues and a host of other related issues will increase their stress levels.

After the highs of the sales process, clear and calm thinking from an impartial source is valuable, such as advisers who understand the pre and post business sales process for families.

Capital have over 10 years of working knowledge with corporate finance teams and business owners, helping families adapt to their new lives.

We are offering the opportunity to create a working partnership with Capital. You introduce the client to our specialist team as part of your service proposition.

Based on a successful client introduction, Capital share with your firm a percentage of year one revenues. The fee-share could be significant over time based on the value of each client.

Your client benefits by working with Capital and enjoying our boutique financial life planning process which enhances their emotional and financial lives.

Capital have created a helpful guide to assist with any research or due diligence your firm may undertake. If you would like an e-copy of this guide please drop Capital an email.

If you would like to explore further in person, click here to contact us today to arrange a coffee meeting.

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