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Tom Wigan


With a love of the sea and the air, but both feet firmly on the ground The sea means everything to me. Considering I was brought up in the middle of the Essex countryside, this fact is a bit unusual. As a family, we would go on holiday to Cornwall every summer, and it is this place where my passion for both the ocean and the sport of surfing began. This love for surfing led to me travelling to destinations around the world once I left school in pursuit of big waves. I have visited South Africa, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica, while still enjoying spending my free time in between surfing around the UK. Next on my surfing travel list are Hawai’i, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. My other fixation is fitness. I have completed several triathlons as well as the London Marathon and I have always had the ambition to complete an Ironman one day. I also enjoy flying and intend to complete my private pilot licence as soon as possible. While studying Business and Management at Oxford Brookes University I became a qualified surf instructor so that I could teach during my holidays. This also led to an opportunity to manage a surf company during my university placement year. This placement was an amazing insight into how all the different components of a small business come together. I gained valuable knowledge and experience across many different aspects of the business, but the most enjoyable element was working with people; whether this was the team around me or the clients I dealt with. Whilst working in Cornwall, I gained a huge admiration for the valuable work that the RNLI lifeboat crews and other such search and rescue teams do. Out of curiosity, I decided to go to an open day at the Royal Navy Air Station Culdrose (who operated the search and rescue operations in Cornwall at the time). This experience led me to apply to become a pilot in the Royal Navy following my graduation from university, so that I might assist with this type of work. Becoming a pilot in the Royal Navy, unfortunately, did not work out. However the time I spent in the military were some of the best years of my life (so far!). The experience developed many transferable skills, but it was mainly the camaraderie with my fellow recruits that played a major part in my enjoyment and emphasized to me the importance of working with people in my professional life. I have always been interested in finance – both on a personal and business level – so upon leaving military life I decided to pursue a career in financial services. This industry offered me the opportunity to combine my twin passions for finance and working with people on a day-to-day basis, to help them achieve their goals. What can be more rewarding than that? What particularly interests me about financial life planning in particular, is that it is focused on the relationship with the client and what matters most to them specifically, rather than a generic goal. It is rewarding to see the positive effect that Capital has on my clients’ lives. I joined the financial planning profession in 2017 and in that time have attained the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and the Investment Management Certificate. With a penchant for personal development, I am now also working towards Chartered Financial Planner status with the long-term view of becoming a financial coach. I feel very fortunate that my career led to me to join the Capital team. I feel blessed to work for a company whose vision and values I truly believe in and I am extremely excited to develop both personally and professionally as Capital continues to improve and grow likewise. I joined Capital as an Associate in July 2020. My role here focuses on supporting Charles Riches and his clients in all areas of financial life planning. This involves preparing for meetings, researching and analysing investments and products, and producing financial plans and suitability reports.

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With a love of the sea and the air, but both feet firmly on the ground

22 Oct 20 | Tom Wigan | bio

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