Investing your money successfully

Your life savings, your pension, your business. Whatever it is, it’s yours and has been hard earned, so it will be invested intelligently and securely.

Growing your money with a purpose

Finding the right investment approach for your goals is what matters. Your investments should reflect what you want to get out of life. We’re here to make sure they achieve the best possible returns and that your investments (and you) stay on track.

Where to invest

It could be a lump sum or regular monthly savings. No matter whether you are investing in an ISA, your pension or SIPP, or any other investment account, we can make provision for all of your financial needs. Investing is what we do well, so you can spend your valuable time doing what you love

How to invest

Investing is a long-term, considered pursuit and ‘beating the market’ isn’t a plan any more than ‘having more money’ is a goal. The best way is to invest intelligently, build a healthy well-balanced portfolio and give your money the space to grow in the long term.

Potential Growth

There are no guarantees in investing, but we believe that mapping your portfolio to your goals, sticking to your plan and checking in from time to time to stay on course is the best way to make the most of your money in the long term.


If you invested


A lump sum of £1million invested for nine years produced an annualised return of 7.92%, a gain of £987,685.


It could now be worth


*Notes: Capital 60/40 portfolio, 19.02.2011 to 19.02.2020, gross total return before costs. Source FE Analytics. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance and you may get back less than you invested.

The Magnificent Six

There are tricks of every trade or profession – things the experts know. When it comes to investing, you need to know the Magnificent Six. Straying from these golden rules will only damage your outcome, but following them will help you to achieve your life goals.


Charges and costs matter

Investment charges are the single biggest factor in determining your net returns.


Have faith in Capitalism

Investing in the world’s most successful companies will deliver growth in the long term.


Return and risk are linked

Investing is not risk-free. Low risk and high returns don’t exist. Learn how to be comfortable.


Markets do the heavy lifting

The investments markets don’t sleep, they work 24/7. You can outwit seven billion people.


Discipline is your friend

Avoid knee-jerk reactions and ride out the turbulence. We act as your coach to prevent you from making harmful choices and help you stay on course.



Diversification is your free lunch. Ups and downs will still happen. What a diversified portfolio will do is help to cushion the blows and allow for a quicker recovery.

There are bonus balls too


Compound interest

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Compound interest

Compounding makes money on top of the money you’ve already made.


We don't forecast

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We don't forecast

We focus on you, your destination and how to get there.


It's about you

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It's about you

The progress of your investments towards your life and financial goals.


It's not a race

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It's not a race

Building a strategy to fund future school and higher education costs.

How we invest

Intelligent investing comes down to experience, market expertise and the commitment to shaping your investments around what you need. But low fees help too.

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Green for good

If you are interested in investing with a Green, Ethical, Environmental or Socially Responsible perspective, Capital offers ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) portfolios.

Research is increasingly evidencing that this investment approach is effective in mitigating portfolio risk, whilst generating competitive investment returns. Ultimately these elements are what help investors to feel good about the investments they own, which is what we at Capital thrive upon.

Meeting your investment goals while satisfying your values around sustainability does not need to be mutually exclusive.

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How and when can I get my money back?

All portfolios managed by Capital have ‘daily liquidity’. What this means in practice is that you can access your funds at any time, upon request. There are no exit charges, no penalties or lock-ins –after all, it’s your money.

In practical terms, there is an administrative process which may mean that we must instruct your investment administrator to sell the funds and transfer the proceeds so that the funds can be sent directly to your bank account. We usually ask for around two weeks to go through that process but in practice, it’s often quicker.

Download your guide to intelligent investing

Learn about how your money will be invested, where and why.

What about Risk?

Any investment comes with risks, but the biggest risk is not achieving all the things you want for you and your family, or running out of money in the years ahead.

Together, we’ll find the level of investment risk that lets you sleep at night. But we’ll also take away those worries about the future and set you on a clear path to financial security and peace of mind.