Meet Zoe and Lotte

Zoe and Lotte, now with their small family, want the peace of mind that if something unexpected was to happen they would be financially okay.

Preparing for the unexpected

Zoe and Lotte are in a civil partnership and have a two-year-old son, Miles. Zoe, 39, runs a very successful interior design business and Lotte, 34, is a partner in a local dental surgery, working part-time.

While they live busy lives, Zoe is often at home, so they spend a lot of quality time together. Their primary focus is on the business and their family. Between them, they earn more than they spend each month and lead a comfortable lifestyle.

However, neither of them has a good understanding of finance, investment matters or taxes. Their financial affairs were somewhat disorganised, and there was no clear strategy or plan.

Their legal affairs were much the same, they didn’t have wills or powers of attorney. The senior partner at Lotte’s dental surgery died unexpectedly at the age of 51. That was the tipping point, and it scared Lotte into action. Zoe’s business partner recommended Capital.

How Capital helped

Their financial adviser Charles, who specialises in helping busy professionals, took the time to understand their situation and build rapport. Zoe and Lotte needed help and guidance, and their affairs were relatively uncomplicated. Following the creation of their road map, Charles introduced a solicitor who could execute wills and powers of attorney. Charles also called in an accountant to help Zoe with her tax return and getting her business ship-shape.

Because they love foreign travel, Charles introduced them to a foreign exchange expert, along with an insurance consultant to manage their home, contents, car, travel, and business cover.

Their fixed-rate mortgage was about to end, and once again Charles introduced a mortgage broker who arranged a remortgage, at less than half the cost, for another five years.
This saved them thousands of pounds a year in interest payments and a lot of time.

The final stage was to put insurance protection in place, covering death, disability, critical illness, and private medical cover.

The Result

Zoe and Lotte now have total peace of mind and can rest easy at night. Their affairs are in order
and they can pour their focus into their passions.

Charles created a financial life plan to keep Zoe and Lotte on track. It is reviewed every year. In addition, Charles built an investment strategy for their excess savings. This included ISAs, a general investment account, plus pensions for each of them. All low cost, easy to understand, and highly tax-efficient.

Because Charles looks after their interests, Zoe and Lotte see him as their financial partner, guide, and coach.

They are beginning to experience true wealth for the first time.

The monthly flat fee to Capital is just £275 a month.

How we can help you

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