Are You an Outstanding Financial Planner?

We believe in recruiting financial advisers that share our vision and have a passion for helping our clients to live their best lives.

Your Challenge

The financial planning sector is rapidly changing, and consequently, clients are more conscious about fees and getting value for money. The demand is increasing for pragmatic, financial planning, and prudent, low-cost investment solutions.

The financial planning profession has become dominated by large consolidators and private equity firms. They are buying out advisory firms, which is not ideal for you, or your clients. You and your client bank are the assets that are being bought and sold, potentially exposing all parties to an uncertain future.

Boards and management teams are both compelled in today’s economic market to cut costs and increase profits through mergers, and redundancies. This may involve moving from an independent to a restricted advice model. With advice firms charging elevated fees in these scenarios, the prospects are not favourable for those at their mercy.

Meantime office politics, perplexity, and misconceptions around compensation and bonuses have forged a challenging and uncertain environment for many financial planners.

There is a Better Way

Capital has a clear vision to be different from its rivals. Challenging conventional thinking, and more importantly placing the client firmly at the centre of all planning advice.

This is where an exciting opportunity awaits you. Join Capital and become a key player in our talented and successful team of client-focused financial planners and wealth advisers.

What’s In It For You?

If you’re the right fit, you’ll be offered a highly competitive compensation package. A guaranteed salary, commendable bonus scheme, a non-contributory pension, enviable private healthcare insurance, along with many other benefits.

As you will have a loyal client following, you can expect to be rewarded for transferring your existing client-base to us. We have designed a compelling offer to ensure that you can reap the benefits from the years of commendable effort you have put in to become your clients’ trusted adviser.

Equally as impressive as the package offered, is the reputable work environment and role support you will receive from Capital. You can manage your own team (we call them Pods) with a full-time Associate (paraplanner) and Administrator supporting you. You will benefit from our high-quality I.T. systems which facilitate you working from any location, including our well-equipped office in the City.

In your role, you will be offered new client inquiries and client leads, all generated via our marketing team and business development manager. You will also have the opportunity to contribute ideas, feedback, and suggestions for your vision on how to shape the future of Capital. Ensuring you can participate in a career to be proud of.

Work/Life Balance

Our team is comprised of grown-ups. Want to work from home on a Friday? Sure. Want to take some extra annual leave in order to recharge your batteries? No problem. You are accountable for delivering amazing results for your clients, but exactly how you do this can be determined by you and what works for you. Our ethos is that work is an activity, not a place, so you are encouraged to work in the environment and way that suits you the most. This results in successful outcomes.

In essence, your role is taken seriously, but it should be enjoyable too.

Make a Positive Difference to Your Clients

Helping clients to lead better lives, free from financial concerns, is at the heart of what we do.

The Now

Deep down, you’re a committed and skilled financial planner, seeking the tools, technology, and support team to ensure you deliver world-class financial planning to your clients. Joining forces with Capital is the solution that will add real value for your clients and, in turn, will help you to create better outcomes for them.

The Future

The world of financial planning is transforming rapidly, and there will undeniably be winners and losers over the years. Capital has committed to building a high-performance growth business that delivers security and peace of mind for our clients, as well as for ourselves as a team.

What’s Next?

If you want to find a professional home to champion you as an individual and carry you to the next stage of your career, it will be worth your time speaking with us. We can enable you to flourish because we value, respect, and trust our team.

Three Steps To Your Dream Career?

There is a simple three-step process that is undertaken with potential candidates aiming to join Capital. It is a pivotal decision for both parties. One not to be taken lightly and the entire process has been carefully designed to find the individual who is the perfect fit.


Step 1

It begins with an initial relaxed coffee meeting to sound each other out and for you to gain more details on the career opportunity available.


Step 2

If successful at this stage, a more focussed meeting will take place to go through the detail, crunch the numbers, ask and answer any questions we have about each other.


Step 3

If both parties are satisfied at this stage, another meeting is set up, ideally with your spouse or partner. This is a chance for everyone to meet, for further details to be disclosed and more specific questions to be discussed. Timelines are constructed, but until the offer and contract are produced and accepted, either party can decline to continue.

Please note that Capital will always seek to be transparent, aiming to determine even at the first meeting if the financials are agreeable for everyone. Both parties must be keen to progress.

Next Steps

If you are curious and want to explore the opportunity to join Capital, please contact me directly at or call the office to schedule a meeting with me. Please be assured that any contact of this manner will always be kept in the strictest confidence.


My name is Alan Smith, and I'm the founder and CEO of Capital. A boutique wealth management firm focused on supporting successful entrepreneurs and professionals to make smart choices with their capital.

You may have come across some of Capital’s articles, blogs, or videos that have been created to spread the positive message about the value and influence that great financial planning brings to clients’ lives.

Over the years, Capital has been successful in winning many of the major professional awards including Chartered Financial Planning Company of the Year, and has developed a reputation for innovation, challenging conventional thinking, and daring to be different.

Capital was founded with one common aim – to look after the financial wellbeing of our clients and in doing so ethically, create financial security for ourselves and our families.

Having a career that inspires you and has you energised and motivated about the work you do is a vocational dream. This opportunity will enable you to work in a team of like-minded professionals. Focused on creating positive and fruitful outcomes for clients, sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices in a professional, dynamic, and fun environment.

Join us and become the best version of yourself.


Get in touch

If you are interested in being a financial planner at Capital, please drop us an email with your CV and a cover letter introducing yourself.