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Retirement for many shines like a beacon through the long, relentless, and often stressful days at work. The dream of total freedom.

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How to avoid running out of money during my retirement

Calculating how much money you will need for the rest of your life, without knowing what your future will hold, can feel like an impossible task and can be completely overwhelming and daunting for many of us.

Learn how to fill all of those empty hours

Retirement is one of the biggest transitions that you will face in your lifetime. To move away from working 40+ hours per week,  in a job that holds some authority, to creating a whole new life and purpose, can be intimidating.

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How Capital can help you

How we help you

Our chartered financial advisers can help you to plan and prepare for your ideal retirement in these three steps.


Discovering what you want from your Prime Time

Retirement bestows you the luxury of freedom during your prime time. Wherever your imagination takes you, we can work with you (and your partner) to create and safeguard your perfect retirement plan. From luxury holidays to purchasing that dream second home or alternatively, paying for the grandchildren’s education, we can facilitate turning this dream into reality.


Working out how much is enough

Once we understand exactly what your objectives and aspirations are for your retirement, we can make the calculations to calculate how to get you there. You will know exactly how much you need to achieve your dream retirement, how much you will need to be saving to fill the gap, and at what age you will be able to afford to retire. One more weight off your shoulders.


Your bespoke financial roadmap

With our advanced technology and experience, we can formulate your own bespoke, financial roadmap. Mapping out all your predicted financial income and spending throughout your life. Along with your aspirations, our FutureMap tool explores your challenging questions, anticipates market changes, and enables you to build your contingency plan. 

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Investing: Growing Your Money with a Purpose

Your investment approach should reflect you as a person, as well as your life goals. This should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We design a bespoke, investment strategy to support you to achieve the best possible returns for your investments. In addition, we can take the heavy work off your hands by regularly monitoring and rebalancing your portfolio. This enables us to ensure your portfolio is meeting your risk preferences, without you as the client needing to be concerned about it. Inevitably, this will guarantee that you reach your retirement goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. And once you have retired your investments will continue to grow and generate an income for you. Our experienced in-house team and esteemed Investment Consultant, Tim Hale, regularly monitor and adapt Capital’s investment portfolios. Over the last decade, our clients’ investment portfolios have achieved significantly ‘above inflation’ returns. You can be assured you are in safe hands.


If you invested


A lump sum of £1million invested for nine years produced an annualised return of 7.92%, a gain of £987,685


It could now be worth


*Notes: Capital 60/40 portfolio, 19.02.2011 to 19.02.2020, gross total return before costs. Source FE Analytics. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance and you may get back less than you invested.

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Online Access

Have instant access to your own investment portfolio through our online portal. This allows you to check-in, whenever you see fit and check on the growth of your money. This intelligent tool will give you the instant reassurance that you are on track for a smooth retirement.

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Guiding you every step of the way

Retirement is undeniably a major one-off life event and thus, the pressure of getting it right is immense. Having that crucial advice and support from someone with the experience of helping hundreds of people to plan their retirement is the best support you can get. Here are just some of the matters we can help you with:


Downsizing house


Setting up grandchildren's trusts and ISAs


Budgeting for a big trip


Funding for grandchildren's school fees


An inheritance


Planning your retirement


Estate Planning


Long-term care research

How much does it cost?

Nobody likes paying for extra services they don’t use. That is why all of our fees are bespoke to you, based upon the services you require and your financial complexity. Our fee approach is simple and most importantly, it is transparent. Additionally, the fee will always be agreed in conjunction with you, before we begin any work. We offer a flat, annual subscription fee with the flexibility to add or remove additional services as and when you need it.

Our Core Services


Your own financial planning team


Annual planning meeting


Your personal financial roadmap


A personal investment portfolio


The Annual ISA Service


The Professional Wealth Network

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Glidepath to retirement

With only five years remaining before Tim retired, he was still cruising on full speed at 30,000 feet with no idea of how to land, or even where.

Escaping the treadmill

At 54, Jan’s career as senior counsel for a FTSE company had peaked. She was on a corporate treadmill, and it wasn’t slowing down. She sensed it was time to leave, but the question remained: leave to where?

Next Steps

If you are ready to start planning your retirement and would like to partner with an experienced financial advisor, contact us today for your free, no-obligation, coffee meeting to discuss how we can help you.



Share your story – the good and the bad. Your ambitions for retirement and your future. Your family, your values and what’s important to you.



Looking at what you have compared to what you want and creating your own person roadmap to get you there.



Once you are happy with your plan, we’ll do all the hard work for you. Just sit back and relax while we put your plan into action.


Annual Meeting

We’ll meet each year to review your progress and fine-tune your plan. But we’re always on hand at any time throughout the year, you don’t have to wait.

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Helpful Tools and Guides for Planning Your Retirement

Living your perfect retirement, free from financial worries, requires robust planning. Our ‘Planning Your Retirement’ page should give you all the information you require for a smooth retirement.

Our guide to planning your retirement