Our Credentials

It’s important to be confident that your family's future is in safe hands. Your wealth should be looked after by a firm you trust, one with the best possible skills, ethics, and experience.

Your own team of qualified financial planning professionals

When it comes to financial matters, nobody wants to be a practice case – or worse, an experiment. You want to know that whoever is managing your wealth is highly qualified and experienced. At Capital, we understand that you want the very best – that’s why we employ experts in the field at the peak of their careers.

To make sure you get the very best advice and services, our team make sure that their knowledge and skills are always up to date. All of our financial advisors are chartered – in fact, most have gone beyond that, reaching the Fellowship level of the Personal Finance Society.

Capital is a Chartered Financial Planning firm

Chartered status is the ‘gold standard’ that all financial planners and advice firms strive to achieve. Capital is one of the few financial planning firms in the UK who have met this goal. In fact, in 2017, Capital was awarded a once-in-a-lifetime award – the Personal Finance Society Chartered Financial Planning Firm of the Year.

Our chartered status guarantees our commitment to training, professional qualifications, and ethical conduct. For you, it means that your personal adviser will always be at the top of their game, ensuring you receive the best possible financial advice and planning.

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Staying ahead of the curve

We will never stagnate – it’s not in our nature. As a firm, we are constantly evolving so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Whether it’s adapting our fee structure, setting up a new secure cloud service, or using interactive technology to improve client meetings, Capital is committed to staying cutting-edge.

Our awards and credentials

Staying at the top of our profession means you’ll always have absolute confidence in your future.